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With our luxury open boat or the incredibly beautiful and very luxurious authentic Amsterdam saloon boat of Rederij Nassau, you’ll experience the canals of Amsterdam in a unique way. You get on board directly in front of our restaurant. The experienced captains of Rederij Nassau will show you Amsterdam as you haven’t seen her before. The luxury open boat is suited for company festivities, weddings, birthdays or a get together of family and friends. The saloon boat can be completely covered or the windows can be lowered to enjoy the sun if the weather permits. It is possible to dine with 10 to 25 guests comfortably seated on board and the autenthic bar of the Saloon Boat is suited for 50 persons.

The first 2 hours the open boat costs € 175 per hour, after the first two hours the price is € 150 per hour.  The authentic Amsterdam Saloon boat costs the first two hours € 275 per hour, after the first two hours the price is € 250 per hour. If you need more information or are interested in special arrangements, please visit the site of Rederij Nassau.

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